3 NCAP Swimmers Win Pentathlon Championships at Polar Pentathlon

McKinley Busen, Olive Dunn and Landon Mollerup each finished first overall in their respective age groups at the 2020 Polar Pentathlon.  Busen and Mollerup won the 8-year-old girl’s and boy’s pentathlon championships.  Dunn was the 7-year-old girl’s pentathlon winner.

Busen, Dunn and William Stone each won 4 events.  Busen took first in the Girl’s 8-year-old 25 Free, 25 Breast, 25 Fly and 100 IM.  Dunn was victorious in the Girl’s 7-year-old 25 Free, 25 Back, 25 Fly and 100 IM.  Stone won the Boy’s 8-year-old 25 Free, 25 Back, 25 Breast and 25 Fly.


NCAP Top 8 Pentathlon Finishers

7&under Girls

1 Olive Dunn

2 Ellie Brenner

5 Hannah Demissie


8-Year-Old Girls

1 McKinley Busen

2 Stella Harms

3 Onora Murphy

5 Aubree Matthews

6 Lexie Lucchese

7 Tenley McAtee


9-Year-Old Girls

3 Mireille Parisi

6 Cate Hanna

8 Sophia Malinowski


10-Year-Old Girls

2 Dina Papageorgiou

4 Amelia Edwards

7 Michelle Lee

8 Emmy Fargo


7&under Boys

2 Nathan Wasilausky

4 Casey Mirick

6 Nick Fransella

7 Patrick Kirst


8-Year-Old Boys

1 Landon Mollerup

2 Riaan Ahuja

3 Evan Farley

4 Chase Fortunato

5 Ryan Li

6 Eli Nigri

7 Jack Flanagan

8 Logan Phillips


9-Year-Old Boys

2 Ryan Easley

4 Aidan Kim

6 Aiden Church

8 Pranav Alladu


10-Year-Old Boys

2 Tyler Bultema

4 Jasper Majeed-Hall

6 Oliver Knapp

7 Giang Nguyen

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