Trace Wall Swims in Finals on Final Night of US Junior Nationals

NCAP closed out the 2019 USA Swimming Speedo Junior National Championships in Stanford, California with more fast fast swimming on the final day.  Trace Wall qualified for finals and finished 18th in the Men’s 50 Meter Freestyle.  Jacob Rosner competed in prelims of both the Men’s 800 Meter Freestyle and Men’s 200 Meter Individual Medley.  Brett Feyerick joined Rosner in the prelims of the Men’s 200 IM.  Kayla Graham and Mackenzie McConagha both swam in the Women’s 200 IM in the morning.


Full NCAP Results

Event 27 Women’s 200 IM

71 Mackenzie McConagha 2:23.67

107 Kayla Graham 2:29.71


Event 28 Men’s 200 IM

95 Brett Feyerick 2:11.18

111 Jacob Rosner 2:13.26


Event 31 Men’s 50 Free

18 Trace Wall 23.49


Event 32 Men’s 800 Free

52 Jacob Rosner 8:31.45

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