NCAP Breaks 6 Records on Night 1 of NCSA Junior Nationals


NCAP swimmers broke 6 records on the first night of the 2019 NCSA Summer Swimming Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The relay team of Aris Runnels, Georgia Johnson, Carly Sebring and Camille Spink started the night off by breaking the PVS Open-Age Resident Record and the NCSA Meet Record in the Women’s 200 Meter Medley Relay with a time of 1:54.97.  Later, Spink and Sebring teamed up with Alexandra Dicks and Sarah Shackelford to set a new PVS Open-Age Resident Record in the Women’s 200 Meter Freestyle Relay with a time of 1:45.60.  Individually, Noah Rutberg went 2:03.00 in prelims and took down the NCAP Team Record in the Boy’s 15-16 200 Meter Backstroke.  Rutberg won the event at night.  Michael Mullen went 8:34.87 and broke the PVS Resident and NCAP Team in the Boy’s 13-14 800 Meter Freestyle.  Mullen finished 22nd overall.


Spink added a win in the Women’s 100 Meter Freestyle.  Erika Chen (8th- 800 Free), Sophie Duncan (8th- 200 Back), William Mullen (4th- 800 Free), Runnels (7th- 50 Fly) and Sebring (6th- 50 Fly) also placed in the top 8.


NCAP put two relays in the top 8 of the Men’s 200 Medley Relay.  Rutberg, Eric Liao, Sorab Aman and Peter Makin finished 6th.  Mitchell Meyer, Jakob Frick, Landon Gentry and David Fitch took 8th.  Meyer, Rutberg, Fitch and Makin later came in 4th in the Men’s 200 Free Relay.  Shackelford, Eleanor Sun, Sophie Reilly and Dicks added a 7th place finish in the Women’s 200 Medley Relay.

The meet continues through August 10th.  Click here to follow along with full results and live streams.


NCAP Top 32 Results

Event 1 Women’s 200 Medley Relay

1 NCAP A: Aris Runnels, Georgia Johnson, Carly Sebring, Camille Spink 1:54.97 (PVS Open, Meet Record)

7 NCAP B: Sarah Shackelford, Eleanor Sun, Sophie Reilly, Alexandra Dicks 1:58.80


Event 2 Men’s 200 Medley Relay

6 NCAP A: Noah Rutberg, Eric Liao, Sorab Aman, Peter Makin 1:45.43

8 NCAP B: Mitchell Meyer, Jakob Frick, Landon Gentry, David Fitch 1:46.07


Event 3 Women’s 800 Free

8 Erika Chen 8:57.38

14 Catherine Purnell 9:03.54

16 Allison Kopac 9:06.06

30 Erin Kerrigan 9:31.53


Event 4 Men’s 800 Free

4 William Mullen 8:23.35

22 Michael Mullen 8:34.87

25 Josh Anderson 8:35.70


Event 5 Women’s 100 Free

1 Camille Spink 56.01

10 Sarah Shackelford 57.38

12 Carly Sebring 57.90


Event 6 Men’s 100 Free

14 Peter Makin 52.45

21 Mitchell Meyer 52.38


Event 7 Women’s 200 Back

8 Sophie Duncan 2:17.79

18 Eleanor Sun 2:18.75

22 Catherine Purnell 2:21.08

25 Maren Conze 2:18.34


Event 8 Men’s 200 Back

1 Noah Rutberg 2:03.31

14 Zachary Rowe 2:08.59


Event 9 Women’s 50 Fly

6 Carly Sebring 27.95

7 Aris Runnels 28.00

28 Sophie Reilly 28.62

29 Alexandra Dicks 28.72


Event 10 Men’s 50 Fly

12 Sorab Aman 25.46

14 Landon Gentry 25.50

25 David Fitch 25.73


Event 11 Women’s 200 Free Relay

3 NCAP A: Camille Spink, Carly Sebring, Alexandra Dicks, Sarah Shackelford 1:45.60

15 NCAP B: Aris Runnels, Erika Chen, Sofia Davis, Allison Kopac 1:48.39


Event 12 Men’s 200 Free Relay

4 NCAP A: Mitchell Meyer, Noah Rutberg, David Fitch, Peter Makin 1:35.11

15 NCAP B: Robert Quan, Sorab Aman, Landon Gentry, Andrew Smith 1:37.47

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