Travis’ Win Highlights Open Water Nationals

Six NCAP swimmers competed at the 2019 USA Swimming Open Water Nationals in Miami, Florida.  Chase Travis led the way with a win in the Women’s Junior 5K with a time of 1:02:07.57.  Travis also finished 9th overall in the Open 10K and 12th overall in the Open 5K.

Claire Nguyen and Brooke Travis also competed in the both the Women’s Open 10K and 5K.  Travis came in 10th in the 10K and 11th in the 5K.  Nguyen took 14th in the 10K and 18th in the 5K.  Alex Misiaszek (31st- Men’s Junior 5K), William Mullen (38- Men’s 5K) and Lexie Vanderloo (23rd- Women’s Junior 5K) also swam at the meet.


Full NCAP Results

Women’s 10K

9 Chase Travis 2:01:58.07

10 Brooke Travis 2:02:16.93

14 Claire Nguyen 2:08:51.35


Women’s Junior 5K

1 Chase Travis 1:02:07.57

23 Alexandra Vanderloo 1:04:21.99


Men’s Junior 5K

31 Alexander Misiaszek 1:01:05.29


Women’s 5K

11 Brooke Travis 1:00:58.00

12 Chase Travis 1:01:47.57

18 Claire Nguyen 1:02:26.07


Men’s 5K

38 William Mullen 0:59:28.36

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