5 Swimmers Win Pentathlon Championships at Polar Pentathlon

Riaan Ahuja, Adina Asuelimen, Stella Harms, Connor O’Neill and Elyse Rosade each finished first overall in their respective age groups at the 2019 Polar Pentathlon.  Ahuja and Harms won the 7-year-old boy’s and girl’s pentathlons.  O’Neill and Rosade similarly took first in the 8-year-old boy’s and girl’s competitions.  Asuelimen was the 9-year-old girl’s pentathlon champion.

Harms was the only swimmer at the meet to sweep her events, as she won the 7&under 25 Free, 25 Back, 25 Breast, 25 Fly and 100 IM en route to her pentathlon victory.  Asuelimen (9-year-old 50 Free, 50 Fly, 100 IM), Landon Mollerup (7&under 25 Back, 25 Fly, 100 IM), O’Neill (8-year-old 25 Free, 25 Back, 25 Fly) were not far behind with 3 wins each.

Dylan Munchel (8-year-old 25 Free, 25 Fly), Rosade (8-year-old 25 Breast, 100 IM) were double event winners.  Ahuja (7&under 25 Breast), Tyler Bultema (9-year-old 50 Breast), Quinn Captuo (9-year-old 50 Fre), McKinley Cushman (9-year-old 50 Back), Brandon Greene (9-year-old 50 Fly), Maggie Johnston (8-year-old 25 Back), Rowen Laine (9-year-old 100 IM), Dylan Reilly (8-year-old 100 IM), Asha Roy (9-year-old 50 Breast) and William Stone (7&under Free) won events as well.

For full results from the meet, click here.


NCAP Top 8 Pentathlon Finishers

7&under Girls

1 Stella Harms

2 Aubree Matthews

4 Mila Weliwitigoda

6 Madeline Shoemaker

8 Keira Shive


7&under Boys

1 Riaan Ahuja

2 Ryan Li

4 Lincoln Jetton

6 Jonathan DeVito


8-year-old Girls

1 Elyse Rosade

2 Dylan Munchel

3 Quinn Muller

5 Isla Beckett

6 Maggie Johnson

7 Lulu Polifko

8 Aleah Gaston


8-year-old Boys

1 Connor O’Neill

2 Dylan Reilly

5 Blake Hayden

6 Preston Holland

7 Leonardo Bracciale

8 Aiden Church


9-year-old Girls

1 Adina Asuelimen

3 Noel Rahmouni

5 Karly Whitehead

6 Maya Light

8 Jolie Vignier


9-year-old Boys

3 Quinn Caputo

6 Brandon Greene

7 Everett Mascott


10-year-old Girls

3 Melissa Coelho

6 Emma Zheng

7 Emerson Gatlin

8 Dasha Minsky


10-year-old Boys

3 Michael Philipov

7 Eli Cather



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