14 NCAP Swimmers Named PVS Outstanding Athletes of the Year

14 NCAP swimmers were named PVS Outstanding Athletes in their respective age groups for the 2017-2018 season.  This award is voted on by PVS coaches and is based on swimming achievements from September 1st 2017 to August 31st 2018.  NCAP’s 14 Outstanding Athletes were the most of any club.

Congratulations to:

Christopher DeVito: 9-year-old boy

Eleanor Sun: 12-year-old girl

Michael Mullen: 12-year-old boy

Erin Gemmell: 13-year-old girl

Landon Gentry: 13-year-old boy

Paige McKenna: 14-year-old girl

Brett Feyerick: 14-year-old boy

Phoebe Bacon: 15-year-old girl

Philip Manoff: 16-year-old boy

Sean Conway: 17-year-old boy

Cassidy Bayer: 18-year-old girl

Brandon Hamblin: 18-year-old boy

Katie Ledecky: Open female

Jack Conger: Open male


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