8 NCAP Swimmers Named 1st Team All-Mets, Conway Wins Swimmer of the Year

8 NCAP swimmers were named 1st Team All-Mets for the 2017-2018 season by the Washington Post.  Sean Conway was named Male Swimmer of the Year

Philip Manoff, Jonathan Pollock and Tyler Zuyus joined Conway on the Men’s 1st Team.  Phoebe Bacon, Cassidy Bayer, Izzy Gati and Jasmine Hellmer were named to the Women’s 1st Team.

Kyle Barker, Ryan Catron, Erika Chen, Brett Feyerick, Abby Harter, Allison Kopac, Elizabeth Kuhlkin, Madeline Laporte, Peter Makin, Brooke Matthias, Mackenzie McConagha and Steven Thalblum were named 2nd Team All-Mets.

For a list of the full teams and to read more about these swimmers: Boy’s Team Girl’s Team


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