4 NCAP Swimmers Win Pentathlons at Polar Pentathlon

Sky Abrams, Lennox McDowell, Mackenzie Rassas and Aaron Van Tuyle finished first overall for their respective age groups at the 2018 Polar Pentathlon.  Abrams won the 7-year-old girl’s pentathlon.  McDowell and Rassas took first in the 9-year-old boy’s and girl’s competitions.  Van Tuyle was the 10-year-old boy’s champion.

Rassas and Van Tuyle both won 3 events en route to their pentathlon championships.  Rassas took first in the 50 Back, 50 Breast and 100 IM.  Van Tuyle was victorious in the 50 Free, 50 Breast and 100 IM.  Abrams(7-year-old 25 Back, 100 IM), Rishant Bokkisam  (9-year-old 50 Free, 100 IM), Connor O’Neil (7-year-old 25 Free, 100 IM) and Zack Reimbold (9-year-old 50 Back, 50 Fly) were not far behind with two wins each.  Olivia Ahearn (10-year-old 50 Fly), Caleb Davis (9-year-old 50 Breast), Sydney DeLacy (9-year-old 50 Free), Aleah Gaston (7-year-old 25 Free), Hazel Gramlich (7-year-old 25 Fly), Maddie Inman (9-year-old 50 Fly), Emily Kennedy (10-year-old 50 Breast), Nikhil Midda (10-year-old 50 Back) and Aiden Wong (10-year-old 100 IM) each won an event as well.

For full results from the meet, click here.


NCAP Top 8 Pentathlon Finishers

7&under Girls

1 Sky Abrams

2 Aleah Gaston

4 Lulu Polifko

5 Stella Harms

6 Mireille Parisi

7 Sophie Feng

8 Quinn Muller


7&under Boys

2 Connor O’Neill

3 Dylan Reilly

4 Robert Blott

6 Avi Abouraya

7 Gavin Wang

8 Aaron Cather


8-year-old Girls

2 Gabrielle Day

3 Adina Asuelimen

4 Leah Shive

5 Annabelle Francis

7 Christine Park

8 Sophie Gudana


8-year-old Boys

2 Connor Minear

3 Sawyer Beckman

6 Tyler Kominski

7 Caleb Kee


9-year-old Girls

1 Mackenzie Rassas

3 Ariana Heath

4 Sydney DeLacy

5 Sofia Harms

7 Allison Hufnagel


9-year-old Boys

1 Lennox McDowell

2 Rishant Bokkisam

3 Zack Reimbold

4 Caleb Buchanan

5 Matthew Demissie

7 Matthew Tingstrom

8 Brandon Liu


10-year-old Girls

2 Olivia Ahearn

3 Emily Kennedy

4 Morgan Gary

7 Lily Patel

8 Addison Zerkle


10-year-old Boys

1 Aaron Van Tuyle

2 Aiden Wong

3 Nikhil Midda

4 Ethan Piccolo

5 Cole Wergley

7 Jackson Carrier

8 Lucas Wilsey






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