16 NCAP Swimmers Win PVS Outstanding Athlete of the Year Awards

16 NCAP swimmers were named PVS Outstanding Athletes of the Year in their respective age-groups for the 2016-2017 season.  NCAP had more Outstanding Athlete award winners than any other club in PVS.  Congratulations to:

Kristina Fleck: 9-year-old girl

Charlie Greenwood: 10-year-old boy

Michael Mullen: 11-year-old boy

Erin Gemmell: 12-year-old-girl (co-winner)

Carly Sebring: 12-year-old girl (co-winner)

Brett Feyerick: 13-year-old boy

Phoebe Bacon: 14-year-old girl

Peter Makin: 15-year-old boy

Sinead Eksteen: 16-year-old girl

Luke Durocher: 16-year-old boy

Cassidy Bayer: 17-year-old girl

Will Cumberland: 17-year-old boy

Megan Byrnes: 18-year-old girl

Sam Pomajevich: 18-year-old boy

Katie Ledecky: Open female

John Shebat: Open male


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