Seven NCAP Swimmers Named to 18&under World 100

Phoebe Bacon, Cassidy Bayer, Megan Byrnes, Matthew Hirschberger, Sam Pomajevich, Isabella Rongione and Chase Travis were named by USA Swimming to the 2017 18&under World 100. This honor is given to the top 50 18&under men and top 50 18&under women in the country based on their highest 18 & under world ranking in an individual Olympic event. The combined lists make up the 18 & Under World 100.

Pomajevich had the top NCAP performance, as his 7th place world ranking in the 200 Butterfly placed him 16th on the Men’s Top 50.  Bayer similarly was 16th on the Women’s Top 50, with 12th place world ranking in the 200 Butterfly.  Bacon’s 13th place world ranking in the 100 Backstroke placed her right behind Bayer at 18th on the Women’s Top 50.  Rongione (#44, 30th world ranking) and Travis (#40, 28th world ranking) both qualified for the Top 50 based on the 800 Freestyle.  Byrnes (#22, 16th world ranking) and Hirschberger (#38, 22nd world ranking) also excelled in the distance races and earned a spot in the Top 50 with 1500 Freestyle swims.

Click here to see to full 18&under World 100 list.

Congratulations to:

Phoebe Bacon- #18, 13th World Ranking, 100 Back

Cassidy Bayer- #16, 12th World Ranking, 200 Fly

Megan Byrnes- #22, 16th World Ranking, 1500 Free

Matthew Hirschberger- #38, 22nd World Ranking 1500 Free

Sam Pomajevich- #16, 7th World Ranking, 200 Fly

Isabella Rongione- #44, 30th World Ranking, 800 Free

Chase Travis- #40, 28th World Ranking, 800 Free


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