NCAP Earns 248 Nationally Ranked Times for 2016-2017 Season

52 NCAP athletes combined for 248 nationally ranked swims for the 2016-2017 season.  To achieve this status, a swim must be one of the 16 fastest in the country for a single-age and swum in the period from September 1st 2016 to August 31st 2017.   NCAP also had 12 swims that were the fastest in the country

Michael Mullen led the way with 22 nationally ranked swims, including top overall times in the Boy’s 11-Year-Old 100 Meter Butterfly and 200 Meter IM.  Brett Feyerick (14), Cole Greenberg (13), Abby Harter (17), Katie Mack (11), Lane Stone (12) and Chase Travis (11) were also ranked top 16 in the country in more than 10 events.

Travis was ranked first nationally in 3 events, the Girl’s 14-Year-Old 1650 Yard Freestyle, 800 Meter Freestyle and 1500 Meter Freestyle.  Phoebe Bacon (Girl’s 14-Year-Old 100 and 200 Meter Backstrokes) and Feyerick (Boy’s 13-Year-Old 50 Yard Freestyle and 100 Yard Backstroke) were also top in the country in multiple events.  Luke Durocher (Boy’s 16-Year-Old 200 Yard Butterfly), Matthew Hirschberger (Boy’s 18-Year-Old 1000 Freestyle) and Sam Pomajevich (Boy’s 18-Year-Old 200 Meter Butterfly) were ranked first nationally as well.

NCAP 2016-2017 Top 16 LCM

NCAP 2016-2017 Top 16 SCY

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