NCAP Wins Combined, Men’s and Women’s Championships at Junior Nationals

20604469_10214775808294176_2628604361063692325_nWith 2144 points, NCAP won the Combined Team Championship at the 2017 NCSA Summer Junior Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana.  NCAP also won the Men’s Team Championship with 950.5 points and the Women’s Team Championship with 1193.5 points.

NCAP broke 2 records on the final night.  Katie Mack broke the NCAP Team Record in the Women’s 50 Meter Freestyle with a time of 25.88.  Mack also won the event.  She later combined with Phoebe Bacon (Back), Georgia Johnson (Breast) and Abby Harter (Fly) to take home a victory in the Women’s 400 Meter Medley Relay and to set a new PVS Open-Age Resident Record with a time of 4:13.26.  Bacon added a 3rd win for NCAP on night 5 when she touched 1st in the Women’s 50 Meter Backstroke.

Sean Conway took 4th in Men’s 200 IM.  Harter similarly finished 4th in the Women’s 200 IM.  NCAP also placed all 4 of its relays in the top 8 on the final night.  Athena Aravantinou, Olivia Masterson, Brooke Matthias and Claire Nguyen added a 2nd place  in the Women’s 400 Medley Relay to give NCAP a 1-2 finish in the event. Finally, NCAP closed out the meet with Brett Feyerick, Kyle Barker, Philip Manoff and AJ Ross taking 5th, and Luke Durocher, Spencer Rowe, Hugh Robey and Peter Makin finishing 6th in the Men’s 400 Medley Relay.

Click here for full results from the meet.

NCAP Top 32 Finishes

Event 34 Women’s 50 Back

1 Phoebe Bacon 28.57

12 Katelyn Mack 30.46

27 Jing-e Tan 30.71


Event 35 Men’s 50 Back

10 Darren Durocher 27.31

15 Brett Feyerick 27.50

22 Sean Conway 27.89

23 Ryan Catron 28.14

26 Peter Makin 27.67


Event 36 Men’s 1500 Free

27 Timothy McKinley 16:31.10

31 Leo Goldblatt 16:33.98


Event 37 Women’s 200 IM

4 Abigail Harter 2:19.91

21 Sofia Davis 2:22.19

27 Claire Nguyen 2:22.52

29 Madeline Heilbrun 2:22.69


Event 38 Men’s 200 IM

4 Sean Conway 2:05.78

9 Kyle Barker 2:06.09

10 Darren Durocher 2:07.87

13 Spencer Rowe 2:08.86

14 Steven Thalblum 2:08.92


Event 39 Women’s 50 Free

1 Katelyn Mack 25.88


Event 40 Men’s 50 Free

23 Allen Ross 24.48

27 Peter Makin 24.08


Event 41 Women’s 400 Medley Relay

1 NCAP A: Phoebe Bacon, Georgia Johnson, Abigail Harter, Katelyn Mack 4:13.26

2 NCAP B: Athena Aravantinou, Olivia Masterson, Brooke Matthias, Claire Nguyen 4:18.74


Event 42 Men’s 400 Medley Relay

5 NCAP B: Brett Feyerick, Kyle Barker, Philip Manoff, Allen Ross 3:51.59

6 NCAP A: Darren Durocher, Spencer Rowe, Hugh Robey, Peter Makin 3:51.94


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