Campbell and Goldblatt Lead NCAP with Top 8 Finishes on Night One of Sectionals

NCAP kicked off the 2017 Speedo Sectionals with the opening night distance session.  Shannon Campbell took 5th in the Women’s 1650 yard freestyle for NCAP’s highest finish of the night.  Leo Goldblatt provided NCAP’s other top 8 swim when he finished 8th in the Men’s 1000 yard freestyle.

Four other NCAP swimmers scored points on night one.  In the 1650, Regan Holstein finished 10th and Sierra Baker was 16th.  In the 1000, Luke Devore took 12th and David Grinstead finished in 15th.

NCAP Top 24 Finishes

Event 1 Women 1650 Free

5 Shannon Campbell 17:18.34

10 Regan Holstein 17:36.67

16 Sierra Baker 17:55.50


Event 2 Men 1000 Free

8 Leo Goldblatt 9:38.60

12 Luke Devore 9:48.78

15 David Grinstead 9:51.52

21 Andrew Rothstein 9:55.82


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