NCAP Kicks Off Junior Nationals with 2 Record-Breaking Swims

NCAP swimmers broke 2 PVS Records on Night 1 of the 2017 NCSA Junior Nationals in Orlando, Florida.  First, Matthew Hirschberger went 8:55.32 and broke the Men’s 17-18 PVS Resident Record in the 1000 Freestyle. Later, the team of Phoebe Bacon, Abby Harter, Isabella Gati and Katie Mack set a new PVS Open-Age Resident Record in the Women’s 200 Medley Relay with a time of 1:40.25.

Both Hirschberger and the Women’s Medley Relay took first in addition to breaking a record.  NCAP’s other win went to Will Cumberland, Spencer Rowe, Sam Pomajevich and AJ Ross in the Men’s 200 Medley Relay.

NCAP placed all of their men’s relays in the top 8.  In addition to the win in the medley, Sean Conway, Timothy Wu, Cole Cooper and Brandon Hamblin placed 3rd. In the 200 Free Relay, Ryan Windus, Hamblin, Jonathan Pollock and Pomajevich finished 4th, while Andrew Omenitsch, Philip Manoff, Kevin Adams-Mardi and Ross took 7th.  In the women’s relays, Harter, Jasmine Hellmer, Bacon and Mack were 2nd in the 200 Free Relay.  Isabella Rongione took 4th in the Women’s 1000 for NCAP’s other top 8 finish on night one.

With the men scoring 247 points and the women putting up 202, NCAP is currently in the lead for the Combined, Men’s and Women’s Team Championships.

The meet will continue through March 18th. Click here  for more information, including full results and live streams.

NCAP Top 40 Finishes

Event 1 Women 1000 Free

4 Isabella Rongione 9:48.62

21 Victoria McCullough 10:05.06

23 Erin Quinn 10:06.06

25 Claire Nguyen 10:07.25


Event 2 Men 1000 Free

1 Matthew Hirschberger 8:55.32

20 Samuel Tarter 9:19.26


Event 3 Women 200 Free Relay

2 NCAP A: Abigail Harter, Jasmine Hellmer, Phoebe Bacon, Katelyn Mack 1:32.06

11 NCAP B: Sinead Eksteen, Isabella Gati, Keyla Brown, Sydney Knapp 1:34.11


Event 4 Men 200 Free Relay

4 NCAP A: Ryan Windus, Brandon Hamblin, Jonathan Pollock, Samuel Pomajevich 1:22.49

7 NCAP B: Andrew Omenitsch, Philip Manoff, Kevin Adams-Mardi, Allen Ross 1:23.18


Event 5 Women 200 Medley Relay

1 NCAP A: Phoebe Bacon, Abigail Harter, Isabella Gati, Katelyn Mack 1:40.25

16 NCAP B: Kylie Stronko, Alina Jones, Jasmine Hellmer, Sydney Knapp 1:44.16


Event 6 Men 200 Medley Relay

1 NCAP A: Will Cumberland, Spencer Rowe, Samuel Pomajevich, Allen Ross 1:29.33

3 NCAP B: Sean Conway, Timothy Wu, Cole Cooper, Brandon Hamblin 1:30.52


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