29 Swimmers Win Events at Mini Champs

29 NCAP swimmers combined to win 61 individual events at the 2017 NCAP Mini Championships.  Julie Yang led the way with 6 wins.  She took home victories in the 8-year-old girl’s 100 free, 25 breast, 50 breast, 25 fly, 50 fly and 100 IM.  Alex Eriksen was the big winner on the boy’s side with 5 victories.  He touched first in the 9-year-old 50 free, 100 free, 50 back, 50 breast, and 50 fly.  Tyler Kominski and Jermaine Worthen each won 4 events.  Kominski won the 7-year-old boy’s 25 free, 25 back, 25 fly and 50 free.  Worthen was victorious in the 8-year-old boy’s 25 back, 50 back, 25 breast and 50 breast.

Gabrielle Day, Anabelle Francis, Faith Patten, Matthew Tingstrom, and Mackenzie Witt each won 3 events.  Brooke Buchanan, Luc Dionne, Mikayla Hirsch, Marcus Patel, Paul Querijero, Niko Dylan Siaden and Lilla Wilbur all won 2 events.

NCAP also won 6 relays on the girl’s side; the girl’s 7&under free (Francis, Jessica Block, Brooke Blanchard, Leah Shive), the girl’s 7&under medley (Day, Olivia Lundy, Melissa Paradise, Blanchard), the girl’s 8-year-old free (Yang, Sofia Harms, Nadia Lall, Charlotte Dourgarian), the girl’s 8-year-old medley (Haley Edenberg, Abby Burns, Yang, Lall), the 9-year-old girl’s free (Hazel Klein, Olivia Ahearn, Abby Prahl, Witt), the 9-year-old girl’s medley (Ahearn, Abby Leach, Witt, Klein).

NCAP similarly won 6 boy’s relays; the boy’s 7&under free (Kominski, Ethan McKenzie, Shlok Kuchangi, Cooper Schwartz), the boy’s 7&under medley (Dionne, Marco Gutierrez, Kominski, McKenzie), the boy’s 8-year-old free (Brock Bromley, Ethan George, Daniel Uribe, Siaden), the boy’s 8-year-old medley (Worthen, George, Matthew Demisssie, Nathanael Songu-Mbriwa), the boy’s 9-year-old free (Joshua Evans, Caleb Buchanan, Kennan Whitney, Zack Reimbold) and the boy’s 9-year-old medley (Alex Barbour, Evans, Jackson Tishler, Branson Chi).

For full results from the meet, click here.


The following swimmers won events:

Molly Bedford

Brooke Blanchard

Brock Bromley

Brooke Buchanan (2)

Gabrielle Day (3)

Luc Dionne (2)

Alex Eriksen (5)

Anabelle Francis (3)

Marco Gutierrez

Sofia Harms

Mikayla Hirsch (2)

Hazel Klein

Tyler Kominski (4)

Olivia Lundy

Anne Mulkey

Marcus Patel (2)

Faith Patten (3)

Paul Querijero (2)

Niko Dylan Siaden (2)

Elina Sizemore

Nicholas Testani

Matthew Tingstrom (3)

Jackson Tishler

Noah Trad

Lilla Wilbur (2)

Madalyn Witt

Makenzie Witt (3)

Jermaine Worthen (4)

Julie Yang (6)


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