NCAP Wins IM Xtreme Games

With 63,115.8 points NCAP won the team championship at the 2017 IM Xtreme Games.  Competing against teams from throughout the eastern zone, NCAP outscored the closest competition by almost 8,000 points.

Andrew Blusiewicz and Landon Gentry won the IMX competitons in their age groups.  Blusiewicz scored the most points in the 13-year-old Boys Sextathlon, while Gentry was first in the 12-year-old Boys Pentathlon. Jennifer Luong (13-year-old Girls) and Carly Sebring (12-year-old Girls) were close behind with 2nd place finishes in their respective age groups.

Gentry and Abby Harter were the only double event winners for NCAP.  Gentry touched first in the 11-12 Boys 500 Free and 200 IM.  Harter won the 13-14 Girls 500 Free and 400 IM).

For full results from the meet, click here.


Top 10 Pentathlon/ Sextathlon Finishers

Patrick Andrews- 8th place (13-year-old Boys)

Lleyton Arnold- 7th place (10-year-old Boys)

Andrew Blusiewicz- 1st place (13-year-old Boys)

Lauren Clark- 5th place (11-year-old Girls)

Jordan Durocher- 7th place (12-year-old Girls)

Landon Gentry- 1st place (12-year-old Boys)

Charlie Greenwood- 8th place (10-year-old Boys)

Clara Landeryou- 8th place (10-year-old Girls)

Jennifer Luong- 2nd place (13-year-old Girls)

Bryan Patten- 7th place (14-year-old Boys)

Matthew  Pianoto- 3rd place (12-year-old Boys)

Emily Makin- 5th place (12-year-old Girls)

Carly Sebring- 2nd place (12-year-old Girls)

Margaret Shi- 6th place (12-year-old Girls)


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