4 NCAP Swimmers Win Penthalon Championships at Polar Pentathlon

Hailey Hammond, Clara Hastings, James Lee and Chase Rabe each won overall 1st place for their respective age groups at the 2017 Polar Pentathlon.  Hastings was the only NCAP swimmer to win three events.  She took home victories in the free, fly and IM en route to winning the 8-year-old girl’s pentathlon.  Both of the 9-year-old pentathlon champions, Hammond and Lee, also won multiple events.  Hammond touched first in the free and fly, while Lee was victorious in the fly and IM.  Rabe used his 1st place finish in breast to help propel him to victory in the 8-year-old boy’s pentathlon.

Julie Yang joined Hammond, Hastings and Lee in winning multiple events (8-year-old girl’s back and breast).  Rishant Bokkisam, Luc Dionne, Chloe Giglio, Madison Kelly, Aaron Van Tuyle and Yang all finished 2nd in the pentathlon in their respective age groups.

For full results from the meet, click here.

Top 5 Pentathlon Finishers

7&under Girls

2 Chloe Giglio

3 Noel Rahmouni

4 Gabrielle Day

7&under Boys

2 Luc Dionne

4 Shlok Kuchangi

5 M Manley

8-year-old Girls

1 Clara Hastings

2 Julie Yang

3 Alice Xiao

4 Sofia Harms

8-year-old Boys

1 Chase Rabe

2 Rishant Bokkisam

3 Liam Seiger

4 Lennox McDowell

5 Matthew Tingstrom

9-year-old Girls

1 Hailey Hammond

2 Madison Kelly

3 Ana Falzone

4 Kate McDermott

5 Emily Kennedy

9-year-old Boys

1 James Lee

2 Aaron Van Tuyle

3 Cole Wergley

4 Paul Mullen

5 Nikhil Midda


Event Winners

Rishant Bokkisam

Jack Downey

Ana Falzone

Hailey Hammond

Clara Hastings

Madison Kelly

James Lee

Kate McDermott

Mason Menz

Nikhil Midda

Chase Rabe

Liam Seiger

Niko Dylan Siaden

Aaron Van Tuyle

Julie Yang

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