Nash’s 4 Wins Lead NCAP at Ice Breaker Invitational

NCAP won 51 events at the 2016 Ice Breaker Invitational. Savannah Nash led the way with 4 victories. Kyle Barker and Sophie McKinley were not far behind with 3 wins each. For full results click here.

The following swimmers won events:

Caitlyn Adair

Conner Adrian

Lleyton Arnold (2)

Kyle Barker (3)

Ryan Beckman

Madisyn Carter

Luke DeVore (2)

Jordan Durocher (2)

Jourdyn Flinn

Landon Gentry (2)

Kyle Goodwill

Logan Grant

George Huynh

Georgia Johnson  (2)

Philip Manoff (2)

Nick Maranto (2)

Sophie McKinley (3)

Savannah Nash (4)

Matthew Pianoto

Catherine Purnell (2)

Andrea Rhee (2)

Megan Roloff

AJ Ross

Zach Rowe (2)

Aris Runnels (2)

Olivia Santee

Graham Schultz

Robert Schultz (2)

Isabelle Sowers (2)

Ian Tansill

Morgan Thomas


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