NCAP Wins Futures Championships

NCAP was the Combined, Women’s and Men’s Champion at the 2016 USA Swimming Future Championships.

NCAP scored 1001.5, more than 500 points than second place Club Mountaineer Aquatics.  The Women had 539 and the Men 462.5.

Claire Nguyen, Sinead Eksteen and Madeline Laporte swept the 200 Free.

Lane Stone won two events.  Isabella Gati and  Hugh Robey also won events.

NCAP won three relays.  Sam Pomajevich,  Stone, Sean Conway and James Jones won the 400 Free Relay.  Will Cumberland, Allen Ross, Jonathan Pollack, and Hugh Robey placed second.

The NCAP Women also won the 400 Free Relay ( Nguyen, Laporte, Eksteen, and Jasmine Hellmer).

Alison Kopac, Olivia Jubin and Madeline Heilbrun teamed up with Nguyen to win the 800 Free Relay

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